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  1. Anthony Brown

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  1. Patrick Gray

    I use your plugin to allow people who arrive at my website to download non-media files, and also to allow me to send non-media files to my website. My website is  I create very complex images and videos of a robot and other topics. I thought people might want to know how I did this. A program that I use for creating some of the images is KeyShot. I changed to ver8 of KeyShot, so I had to delete some of my available downloads in the old version of KeyShot and replace them with the new version. No big deal, but I am interested in whether anyone is downloading any of my content, particularly if they are downloading any of the content from the new KeyShot program.

     In my mind, an 'upload' is where data went from the internet to my website and a 'download' is where my website sent data out onto the web.

    I have no interest in uploads, because I am the only person who sends data, files, images, etc. to my website. I don't really need a Download Log of what I sent, I know what I sent to my website because I sent it, so a display of this information has no use to me.

    And I note that Smartypants is considering data that I sent to my website as being downloads and that seems confusing to me.  I have done a few of what I call downloads from my website where: 1) I went to my website from my computer and did not log on as an administrator, so I was just a visitor to my website,  and then 2) I asked my website to download a Smartypants file at my website back to me at my computer at home. I have done this  just be sure that the ability of a person to download a file from my website is really working.

    But Smartypants at the Download Log tab, has me as connected to 35 downloads (I haven't done 35 downloads, (using my sense that a 'download' is data travelling from my website to the internet), in my opinion these "Downloads" are really nothing more than when I uploaded data to my website.

    Anyway, I do have the suggestion that Smartypants may consider to change terminology so that a "Download" is from the website to the internet and an "Upload" is from the internet to the website.

    The other issue is that now that I have made these changes to have the new version of KeyShot files available for download from my website, I would like to see if there have been any downloads. But to do this, I need to get out of the Smartypants Download Log all of this information about downloads of older files.

    So I would like to suggest that Smartypants include a feature on the Download Log that one can specify what time interval one is looking at. This week, last week, last year, last 2 years, all time, custom interval, etc.

    Of course, one will always be interested in the display of downloads by their frequency, so there should be an option to display downloads by quantity (once again using my sense that 'downloads' are data travelling from the website to the internet). But I keep getting tripped up in doing this because Smartypants created a limit of the only showing the top 20 downloads.

    I think all of my files are important, and I would like to see even the file that was downloaded only once. So I want to suggest that Smartypants allow me to choose top 20, top 50, top 100, all files, etc.

    And this leads me to the next problem, I build my website myself as I have time. I would have to read every single page of my website to know if there were any Smartypants downloads offered on the page or not. That seems like a lot of work.

    So I want to suggest that Smartypants could add a "Manager's data page"  On this Manager's page, Smartypants would list how many total files you have that are connected to Smartypants. But it also needs to display which Smartypants files that are on your website are also listed as available as a [cdm-link fle="xxx"], because it could be that a manager has a Smartypants file that is at the website, but because of time constraints or other issues, that Smartypants file is not listed anywhere on the website with a [cdm-link file="xxx"] link.

    So what I wish I could see was for Smartypants to list out for me: 1) Here are all the files you have uploaded using the Smartpants plugin (and this is already present in your current plugin), then 2) list here are all the [cdm-link files] that you have present on your website. And, finally, 3) for each different [cdm-link file], it sure would be nice if Smartypants would show for each different [cdm-link file] which page or pages of the website have that particular [cdm-link file] on that webpage or webpages.

    And finally, I am very happy with your plugin. I plan to keep using it. I am glad I can let people get non-media files from my website, and I can (sort of) keep up with that, I am just sending in a suggestion to get some more functionality in your reporting for use by the manager of a website. Thanks again, pg

  2. Kelly O'Brien

    Staff –

    Congratulations on your first Help Center post!