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Main Settings

Here you will find all of the basic settings for how uploaded files are named, what users and administrators are allowed to do, and other customization options.

Company Name

This could be your name or your company name. It will go in the “from” area in the vendor email when emailing files.

Filename Format

DO NOT LEAVE THIS BLANK.  Leaving it blank will cause problems finding files as well as files being overwritten.

This will be used to create the actual filenames of uploaded files.  Use the below codes to determine the file format, whatever you put in the box will show up before the actual file name.

Example: If the user uploads a file called “example.pdf” and you put %y-%m-%d- the final file name will be “2015-02-06-example.pdf”.

%y = Year: yyyy
%d = Day: dd
%m = Month: mm
%h = Hour: 24 hour format
%min = Minute
%u = Username
%uid = User ID
%t = Timstamp
%r = Random #

Thank you message

This is the thank you text users see after uploading a file. Example: “Thank you for uploading.”

Delete Message

This text is shown when asking users to confirm that they want to delete a file.  Example: “Are you sure you want to delete this file?”

Disable User Uploads?

Unchecking this box will allow users to upload files from the front end.  Checking it will allow files to only be uploaded via “Dashboard > Documents”.

Disable User Deleting?

Unchecking this box will allow users to delete files from the front end.  Checking it will allow files to only be deleted thru “Dashboard > Documents”.

Folders Name

We call folders what they are “Folders”, if you want to call them something else specify that here. Please give both the singular and plural word for the replacement.  Example: Directory/Directories.

Hide project if empty?

Unchecking this box will show all projects, even if there is nothing inside of them.  Checking it will hide any projects that have nothing in them.

Allow users to create projects?

Checking it will allow users to create projects using the front end.

Do not allow user to delete or edit projects

Unchecking this box will allow users to edit and delete projects from the front end.

Form Instructions

This is text or HTML that will be displayed above the upload form.  You may want to instruct users to only upload certain types of files or maximum file sizes here.  Any text in this area is simply a guideline or direction to uploaders.  The software will not actually enforce anything stated here, unless it is setup somewhere else in the software.

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