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Premium Settings


The first time you see this, you must enter your serial key.  If you have not signed up for a serial key, you may do so at  Full licensing can be purchased for single or multiple sites.  After signing up, you will receive a serial key in your email.

After you enter your serial key into this field and click “Save options” on the bottom of the page, the page will store the key for future reference.

File Name Behavior

This option lets you set if users may specify the names of the files they upload.  Otherwise, the files will be named as specified on the Main Settings page (Filename Format).

Jquery UI Theme

Allows you to change how Jquery looks and acts for interface elements.

Remove Branding

Checking the box removes all references to Smarty Pants Plugins.  Unchecking it allows Smarty Pants branding to show.

Enable File Tags?

Checking the box allows the entry of searchable key words to be associated with uploaded files.

Thumbnail Mode?

Checking the box shows all images as thumbnails.

Create Thumbnails for file types with image magick?

Enabling this uses Image Magick to create multiple versions of image files on the server at different sizes.  For example, if you upload a .png, it may be saved as both its full size as well as a smaller version.  This can help with bandwith.  If only a thumbnail is asked for, then only a thumnail is served (rather than a full sized image only resized using html).

Direct Link to file

Instead of showing a pop-up window with information about the file, clicking on a file directs the browser right to the file itself when this box is checked.

Would you like to disable revisions?

Checking this box disables and revision features.  If you will need access to both new versions of a file and old versions, do not check this box.  Revisions allows users to make sure that they have the latest version of a file.

Use The Free Version Uploader

Checking this box disables the premium version of the uploader.  The free version has fewer features.  The premium uploader allows for file tags, multiple file uploading, and other features that the free version does not.

Use The Free Version File List

Checking this box disables the premium version of the file list.

Categories Text

This is the text you want to call categories, for example you may want to use it as a status.

File Deletion Period

Allows you to specify how long a file may live on the server (in days).  For instance, if you want to delete files after one week, enter “7”.  If you want to allow files to live on the server forever or until manually deleted, leave this blank.

Limit File Types

If a user is allowed to upload an executable file, such as PHP, It would be very bad. For security reasons, please enter the types of files that you would like to allow your users to upload.This option will allow uploads of only certain types of files.  For instance, if you wish to only allow JPG and PNG files to be uploaded, enter “jpg,png”  The uploader will now only allow jpg and png files to be selected.  Leave this blank to allow uploads of any type of files (not recommended).

Show All Files to All Users!

Checking this box will allow all users to see all uploaded files.  Leaving it unchecked limits which files each user can see.

Upload File Size Limit

Leaving this blank will allow any size file to be uploaded.

Default Sorting

Sets how files are sorted in the file list when it is first opened.  Files can easily be resorted by clicking on the title of the column that you want to sort by in the premium version of the file list.

Sorting Type

Sorts files by ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order.  For instance files sorted by name and ascending will start with files that begin with “A” and end with files that start with “Z”.  Descending is just the opposite (z to a).

Create a folder based on the username?

This option makes it easier for each user to manage their own files as opposed to all users managing all files.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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