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Installing the plugin

After you have installed and activated the SP Project & Document Manager plugin, you will see 2 new buttons in your Dashboard named “Documents” and “Folders”. You can control all of the features of the plugin from these buttons.

The first time you click the “Documents” button, you will see a box saying:

“It looks like you do not have a page with the shortcode [sp-client-document-manager] on it. Please create one or use the form below and we will create one for you!”.

You can type in any valid page name here to create the new page. This new page is where you will go to manage your files.

The next step in configuring your new plugin is very important. Click the “Documents > Settings” button. Go through each page and make sure all of the settings are correct for your installation.  Alternativly you can add the shortcode [sp-client-document-manager] to any page.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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