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Advanced Settings

Alternate Uploads Folder

If you would to store your uploads in another folder please enter the full path to the uploads with a trailing slash!. Please update the URL as well. Could be absolute or relative, if you fail to update the URL then your files will not be accessible. If you are using a path that is not web accessible then do not bother putting in the path URL. The script will strictly use fread() to serve the file and will not offer up the full URL. This is a complete secure solution so nobody can access your files. Also be sure to enable “Require login to download” if you want to stop remote linking to your files. Also remember thumbnails will not work wh

This feature will not move your uploads folder, If you need to change your uploads folder and you already have existing files you must move the folder from its default path in /wp-content/uploads/.

Require Login to Download?

Check this option to require the user to login to download a file, this can only be used securely if you are not using the javascript downloads.

Disable Searching?

Checking this will disable the search box on the front end.

Javascript Redirect?

If you are on a windows system, you need to use javascript redirection. This is because FastCGI does not allow force download files.

Mandatory Folders?

If you want to require that a user select a project then check this box.

WP Folder

Use this option only if your wp installation is in a sub folder of your url. For instance if your site is then put /blog/ in the field. This helps find the uploads directory.

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