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x = configurable area


This shortcode displays the uploader

[cdm-link file=”x” date=”1″ real=”1″] * This links to a specific file

  • file = required, this is the file id. You can find the file id in admin under files or by clicking on a file. The ID is listed next to the date.
  • date = (set to 1) optional, show the date of a file
  • real = (set to 1) optional, generate the real url for the file, the link tags are not generated and only the url is returned. This is good for custom links and image url’s


  • [cdm-link file=”53″ date=”1″]
  • Will generate a link with the file name and date

‘< img src=”[cdm-link file=”53″ real=”1″]” width=”100″>’

Will generate a full url for use in an image

[cdm-project project=”x” date=”1″ order=”x” direction=”x” limit=”x” permissions=”x” disable_view=”x”  disable_download=”x” disable_preview=”x” view_icon=”x” download_icon=”x”  ]

This shortlink will display a unordered list of files, it is a basic html ul so you can use css to display it however you want.

  • project = required, this is the project id which you can get in admin under the projects tab.
  • date = optional, put’s the date of the file next to the file name
  • order = (name,date,id,file) optional, use one of the fields to order the list by
  • direction = (asc,desc) optional, Only to be used with order, use asc for ascending order or desc for decending order
  • limit = optional, use to limit the amount of results shown.
  • disable_view = Disable the view file link (1 or 0)
  • disable_download – Disable the download link (1 or 0)
  • disable_preview = Disable the preview when clicking on a thumbnail (1 or 0)
  • view_icon = set the dashicon for the view icon, click here for dashicons (example: view_icon=”dashicons-media-spreadsheet”)
  • download_icon = set the dashicon for the download icon, click here for dashicons (example: download_icon=”dashicons-media-spreadsheet”)


  • [cdm-project project=”1″ date=”1″ ]
  • [cdm-project project=”1″ date=”1″ order=”name” direction=”asc” limit=”10″ ]

User Role Capabilities

If you use “User Role Editor” plugin and want to assign CDM capabilities to another role then please use the following custom captabilities. All are automatically set for administrator

  • sp_cdm = You need this role to view the plugin, this is a very minimal role. You can view files, edit and delete.
  • sp_cdm_settings = edit settings as well as enable any premium plugin features (in the future we will break premium features into their own roles, just getting started here)
  • sp_cdm_vendors = Show vendors tab
  • sp_cdm_projects = Show projects tab
  • sp_cdm_uploader = Use the uploader (add files)

[cdm_public_view template="x" search="x" pid="x"]

This is a shortcode for premium members only, it displays the file list to the public. This shortcode lists all the files from all users.

  • template =  we offer 3 different templates  (responsive,file-list, thumbnails
  • search = set search to 0 for no search box or 1 to show the search box
  • pid = set the pid to base your uploads on a sub folder, the user will not be able to navigate lower then this sub folder. 

Premium Users

*Premium users must have free + premium version installed. The premium extends the free version.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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