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Installing Addons

Installing Addons

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Addons are installed just like any other plugins for wordpress.

The FuneralPress core plugin must be installed and activated for any addons to work.

When you purchase an addon, you will recieve a key for the software and a link to download the software.  Save these items where you can easily find them.

In your dashboard, go to “Plugins > Add New”.  You will see a button on the top that will allow you to “Upload Plugin”.  Click this button and upload the zip file that you downloaded.

When the installation is complete, click “Activate”.

Now go to “Obituaries > Settings” and click the “Licenses” tab.  Enter your key and click save.

Your addon is now installed!  With different addons, you may have to place some shortcode to display the addon.  You may also have to go to “Obituaries > Settings” and configure a few things (usually under the “Premium Settings” tab).

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