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Change the add obituary form

If you need to modify the add obituary form you can use the following filter  
apply_filters('wpfh/add_obit/form_after', $form);
This filter allows you to take the form and output fields in your own form. Here is an example

#build the form
add_filter('wpfh/add_obit/form_after' ,'my_custom_form',10,2);

#save the form
add_filter('wpfh/add_obit/insert', 'my_custom_form_save',10,2);

function my_custom_form($form,$post){

        #create a new form below or use the form object above to add new fields
        $new_form = ' <p class="two_column ">
    <label >'.__("New Field","sp-wpfh").' <span class="wpfh-required">*</span></label>
    <input id="new_field" name="new_field" value="'.$post['new_field'].'"/>
  <p class="two_column ">
    <label>'.__("New Field 2","sp-wpfh").' <span class="wpfh-required">*</span></label>
    <input id="new_field2" name="new_field2" value="'.$post['new_field2'].'"/>

return $new_form;

function my_custom_form_save($insert,$post){
                #do something with your data
                $insert['new_field'] = sanitize_text_field($post['new_field']); 
                $insert['new_field'] = sanitize_text_field($post['new_field']);
                return $insert;
  The filter allows you to extend the fields or overwrite the field completely
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